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Alternatives2Abortion will pay you to complete information on each of the listings. We will pay you $0.50 for every 100 words you write about a listing. In oder to receive credit for the content you provide, it must strictly obey the following guidelines.

The content you contribute must be original! The first thing we do is check to see if the content was not pulled from another website. Don’t waste your time and ours copying and pasting word-for-word the text from another site.

The content must be factual. We will spot check the content and research the veracity of the information.

The content is expected to be written in good English. Proper grammar and spelling is very important.

This directory needs relevant information about each organization listed. Information like:

In order to write and get paid,

  1. visit any listing page
  2. find the ‘ Leave a comment’ section on the bottom
  3. check the Pay me check box
  4. make sure the email you enter is your Paypal email (if you do not have a Paypal account sign up now)
  5. research the listing and enter your text in the text area
  6. submit and wait for evaluation
  7. once approved, the funds will be transfered to your Paypal account (Paypal fees apply)

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