This website is a free resource for women (and men) who find themselves in need of help. Choosing adoption over abortion is a difficult but noble decision. I hope this directory helps all those willing to opt for adoption.

So what are the alternatives to abortion?
The question is not as simple as it sounds. The reason I ask it in the first place is because abortion is commonly seen as the best way to end a ‘problem’. There are so many more factors involved. No ONE should take this decision lightly or too quickly. NEVER jump to the conclusion that having an abortion is your easiest solution. Not only are there many dangers related to abortions, but an overwhelming number of women who have had abortions suffer for the rest of their lives because of this decision. Shouldn’t you speak with an experienced professional first? Not a religious person who will try to persuade you. Not someone who wants to make money with you. Explore all alternatives. Look for someone in your are who will give you a free pre-abortion consultation. I hope you find this directly helpful!

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